Wenbin Lu

Assistant Professor
Department of Astronomy, Theoretical Astrophysics Center
University of California Berkeley
Email: wenbinlu.at.berkeley.edu

I am a theoretical astrophysicist. My research goal is to understand the underlying physics in various energetic transient phenomena. Observationally, these events produce the brightest sources which suddenly appear on the sky and quickly disappear afterwards --- leaving us wondering what happened in nature. With my collaborators, I have worked on fast radio bursts (FRBs), tidal disruption events (TDEs), compact object mergers, gamma-ray bursts, relativistic jets, accretion disks, pre-supernova mass loss, and hyper-velocity stars. These projects involve plasma physics, special/general relativity, hydrodynamics, radiative transfer, and stellar evolution.

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I enjoy interactions with other researchers on various topics in astrophysics. Many of my projects were initiated during the discussions with postdocs and students. Feel free to contact me if interested.


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Teaching: Radiation (Fall 2022, Fall 2023)

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510 Campbell Hall, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA